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Live Q&A 14

In this Q&A we covered:

  1. I am interested in how to think about a scheduling plan once the illustrations are done. How long do I need for the final design process and cover creation? When do I contact the company for printing and the one for warehousing/mailing?
  1. Does it matter if we release our books on a Tuesday?
  2. How long will I put my book on pre-order?
  3. How beneficial is taking part in launch teams and author groups?
  4. When is the best time to go on Amazon and give a review?
  5. What is involved in re-publishing or updating a book if you have made errors in your book, if: a) you have bulk printed your book?; b) your book was on Print-On-Demand?
  6. Which do you recommend ordering books from: a) only a single printer; or b) multiple printers?
  7. What is the importance of ordering proof copies from your printer?
  8. What are the differences when publishing on KDP and on IngramSpark?
  9. Which publisher is better for books with a landscape format?
  10. What is a vanity publisher?
  11. Does KDP notify buyers if the book they have purchased has been re-published?
  12. If I didn’t choose publishing on KDP or IngramSpark, can I still sell books I have ordered using bulk printing on Amazon?
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