how to create your own picture book

Discover how to create a gorgeous picture book, even if you've never done it before

Discover how to create a gorgeous picture book, even if you've never done it before


don't just dream of your own beautiful picture book. create one!

Creating an attractive picture book interior is more than just throwing together a few illustrations and text. It requires know-how for how to plan and lay out your book creatively, but also requires technical knowledge. The How to Create Your Own Picture Book course covers both the creative and technical aspects of book designin a way ANYONE can doand will help you create a beautiful book that matches your vision.

Packed with videos, checklists, step-by-step video tutorials, templates and examples, it will help you:

- understand all the basics, so you can go ahead with confidence

- ensure your illustrations are done right (whether you’re hiring an illustrator or doing them yourself)

- create your own bestselling book cover (not only for picture books)

- design your own stunning picture book interior like a pro

-have illustrations, a cover and book files ready for print and ebook, no matter which printer or publishing platform you've chosen

  • understand all the basics, so you can do each step of designing your book with confidence
  • design your own stunning picture book interior like a pro
  • plan all your front- and backmatter
  • have final book files that print perfectly, no matter which printer you've chosen
  • create your ebook files easily, whether you're publishing with KDP or on any other platform
  • and do ALL of this with free software

This course is for you if you want to save bundles of cash on hiring a book designer and create a beautiful book yourself, even if you have zero picture book or design experience.

Sign up today and we’ll show you how!

This course is for you if you want to save bundles of cash by avoiding costly illustration mistakes and by doing the design work yourself, even if you have zero picture book or design experience.

Sign up today and we’ll show you how!

Course comes with lifetime access

What is the How to Create Your Own Picture Book Course?

This course will enable you to take charge of your picture book creation, enabling you to create a beautiful book interiorlaying out all the text and illustrationsand preparing your files for print and for ebook. 

Or you could start doing this as a paid service for authors!

Knowing exactly what's needed and being able to create your own book doesn't just save you plenty of money, it's also empowering.

The reality is not all illustrators or freelance book designers in the market today understand what is needed for the technical aspectsillustrations and book design. That means you can run into real problems when you try to get your book designed and published.

This course will also help you understand the requirements for your illustrations. This is tremendously helpful, whether working with an illustrator or doing your own illustrations. That way you can ensure they're done right and your book will look great when it's done.

And with this course, when your illustrations are ready, you can design your book yourself—easily and with free software! We've laid it out so that anyone can do it, even if you have zero experience.

     What you get:

  • 21 videos explaining basic concepts, conveying key information and loads of screencast tutorials showing you EXACTLY what to do
  • An easy-to-understand key terms PDF, with plenty of visual examples
  • A detailed checklist for all the steps of your book design
  • The basics of picture book layout/design
  • Step-by-step video tutorials showing you how to create your ebook and print files perfectly
  • Key sites and free software to help you create everything you need to
  • And more...

All of this comes with lifetime access, for you to do and refer back to on your own time, as many times as you like.

One book design from professional designer = $400-$1200+

Infinite book designs with this course = $67

this course will

guide you step-By-Step to...

Being able to design (lay out) your own book interior can save you a lot of money. But more than that, it gives you the opportunity to create exactly what you envision for your own book! 

That said, there is a lot to know to do it right.

This course will show you how to design your own picture book interior beautifully, correctly and easily.

A section of the course:


Get to understand all the basics of book design like layout and typography, resolution, colour space, bleed, trim and gutterin simple-to-understand terms, with plenty of examples. And learn what is needed for your print and ebook interior.

Understand why picture books need to be designed in fixed format and how to do that.

Learn, with simple step-by-step instructions, everything you need for your front- and backmatter and the rest of your book interior,

Then you get to design your book! With detailed video tutorials for different kinds of book layouts, you'll be set to create a beautiful book, no matter which style you're going for.

Finally, you need to know how to turn your designed book into the right files for publishing. We'll show you exactly how to do that, for print and ebook, for different platforms.


• Welcome and course overview


Basic concepts intro

Understanding resolution

• Bleed, trim, safety area and gutter

• CMYK vs. RGB


• Important ebook concepts

• Reflowable vs fixed format ebooks


• Preparatory steps

• Frontmatter and backmatter


• Design your book

Free font sites and how to use them

• Canva overview

How to upload a font to Canva

Design with text on illustrations

• Design with text & illustrations on separate pages

How to create your epub file

How to create, preview and upload .mobi files



• Key terms

Action steps checklist (for digital use or printable)

Requirements for KDP & IngramSpark



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